How to Earn Money Based on ‘Karma’ Points

If you qualify, you’ll receive a payout once minimum gold and karma thresholds are met, according to Reddit. Redditors typically give gold to posts and comments they see as good content. Top contributors earn the most; the more karma and gold earned, the more money you receive.

How much you earn depends on two tiers: Contributor and Top Contributor. A Contributor earns 100-4,999 karma in 12 months, while a Top Contributor earns 5,000 or more karma within 12 months. The payout rate for Contributors is 90 cents per one gold and $1 per one gold for Top Contributors. Redditors need a minimum of 10 gold to qualify for a payout and payouts are also subject to provider fees ($2.25 plus a 0.25% fee) for each transaction.

Once you qualify for the Contributor Program, you’ll see a clickable “Get Verified to Start Earning” button on the Contributor Program marketing page

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