The 2019 Toyota RAV4 has been a top-selling compact SUV thanks to its rugged capability, ample cargo space, and bold styling. Some owners have experienced an annoying 2019 TOYOTA RAV4 TRANSMISSION JERK when accelerating from a stop. This issue can make the RAV4 less pleasant to drive in stop-and-go traffic.

This post will explore the root causes of the 2019 RAV4’s transmission jerk. We’ll also provide some tips to help minimize the jerky shifts when they occur. We’ll discuss potential solutions Toyota has proposed to fix the problem and associated costs.

While the transmission jerk poses no safety concerns, it can be unpleasant. Read on to learn what causes this issue and how RAV4 owners can get their vehicle’s transmission shifting smoothly once again.



The transmission jerk issue with the 2019 RAV4 is causing significant discomfort among drivers. The reports of hesitation when pulling out from a stop and abrupt movements during gear shifts highlight potential safety concerns and point to a possible design flaw. These customer complaints shed light on the real-world implications of this problem, including lower gas mileage, accelerated tire wear, and even passenger discomfort.

This issue goes beyond mere inconvenience; it directly impacts vehicle performance and owner satisfaction. The experiences shared by drivers in Pennsylvania and Tennessee underscore the urgent need for Toyota to address these transmission issues promptly. The implications for driver safety, vehicle longevity, and overall driving experience cannot be ignored, making this a matter of utmost importance for consumers and automakers alike.


The 2019 RAV4 has been reported to experience transmission problems characterized by a sudden jerking motion after hesitating. This issue frequently occurs during rolling stops and when accelerating at low speeds after braking. Toyota attributes these problems to specific driving conditions, such as traveling at 6 mph or lower, following a 3rd to 1st gear downshift, and applying less than 40 pressure on the accelerator pedal.

Having personally driven a family member’s 2019 RAV4, I can attest to experiencing this issue firsthand. The sudden jerking motion is intense and catches the driver off guard. Clicking sounds have been noted as the vehicle downshifts when approaching a stop. These issues have raised concerns among RAV4 owners and prompted further investigation into potential solutions by Toyota.


If you’re dealing with a transmission jerk in your 2019 RAV4, I’ll cover how to fix it for good. When you book the repair with the dealer, be prepared for a potential wait of a few weeks due to availability. In the meantime, there are some measures you can take to improve your driving experience while waiting for repairs. 

Complete Stops

  • Come to a complete stop before shifting from drive to reverse or vice versa. Avoid rolling stops, which can make the transmission jerk when turning.

Gradual Acceleration

  • Press the accelerator pedal slowly and gently when taking off from low speeds to allow the transmission to engage smoothly. Sudden or hard acceleration can cause abrupt shifting and jerking motions.

Use Sport Mode

  • Put the RAV4 into Sport mode and leave it there when driving. Although this may decrease fuel economy, Sport mode optimizes the transmission shifting strategy to provide smoother, more predictable gear changes.

Manual Shifting

  • Utilize the RAV4’s sequential manual shifting mode instead of automatic shifting when driving in stop-and-go traffic or at low speeds. Manually controlling the gear shifts prevents the transmission computer from unexpectedly changing gears.


If you’ve been frustrated by the annoying jerking issue in your Toyota, there’s good news. Toyota has identified the root cause and issued a technical service bulletin (TSB-0107-19) outlining a specific repair process. This involves an electronic control unit (ECU) update and a reprogramming and relearning procedure to fix the shift strategy causing the jerking. After this, a test drive will ensure that the problem is resolved. Remember that while parts and labor may be covered if your vehicle is under warranty, it doesn’t automatically guarantee payment for the repair. To get this done, it’s best to consult certified Toyota technicians at your local dealership for peace of mind.

Using the TSB-0107-19, Toyota has shown its commitment to addressing known issues and providing clear guidance on resolving them effectively. This proactive approach demonstrates transparency and accountability, giving owners confidence that their concerns are being taken seriously. It’s also a reminder of the importance of seeking qualified professionals for specialized repairs like ECU updates and reprogramming, ensuring that your vehicle receives precise attention from those who understand its intricacies best. With these steps, drivers can look forward to smoother rides without tolerating frustrating jerking issues.


The 2019 Toyota RAV4 is the sole model experiencing this issue. Regardless of whether it’s a 2WD or 4WD model, and irrespective of the trim level, all 2019 RAV4s appear to be affected. The good news is that the transmission problem has been rectified for the 2020 models and beyond. You should encounter different issues if you opt for a 2020 RAV4 or a newer model.


Awareness of 2019 TOYOTA RAV4 TRANSMISSION JERK is crucial for current owners and prospective buyers. Seeking immediate repair at a local dealership is essential for existing owners to ensure a smooth driving experience. For potential buyers, conducting a thorough test drive and confirming that any issues have been resolved will be paramount before purchasing. Once the transmission operates as intended, the driving experience in the RAV4 will undoubtedly live up to expectations. Stay informed and take proactive steps to ensure your RAV4 delivers your desired performance.

By Muhammad Saeed

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