Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4

Having the tire pressure warning light illuminated on your Toyota RAV4’s dashboard can be annoying. While it’s there to alert you to a potential problem with your tire inflation, once you’ve addressed the issue by adding air you’ll want to reset the light. Resetting the tire pressure warning light is easy to do yourself and can be done right in your driveway or garage. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to reset the tire pressure light on a Toyota RAV4.

Preparation Before Resetting Your Tire Pressure Light

Before you can reset the tire pressure monitoring system light, you’ll want to make sure your tire pressures are set correctly. Having accurate tire pressure is important for safety, fuel economy, and preventing uneven tire wear.

Measure Your Tire Pressure

Use a high quality tire pressure gauge to check the air pressure in each tire, including the spare tire. Refer to the placard on the driver’s side door jamb or owner’s manual for the proper tire pressure levels. The placard will list the recommended cold tire pressure figures for the front and rear tires.

Correct the Tire Pressure

If any tires are under-inflated, add air until they match the recommended specification. Make sure to check the pressures when the tires are cold, meaning before you’ve driven or the vehicle has been sitting in the sun. Warm tires will have higher pressure readings.

How to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4

Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4

The steps for resetting the tire pressure light are straightforward but do vary slightly depending on the RAV4 model year. Here are the procedures for the different generations.

2019-2023 Toyota RAV4

The latest RAV4 has a tire pressure monitoring system that is reset through the central information display screen:

  • With the ignition on, use the buttons on the steering wheel to scroll through the menu on the information display until you reach the tire pressure screen.
  • Press and hold the “OK” button on the steering wheel for approximately 5 seconds.
  • This will reset the tire pressure warning light and monitoring system.

2013-2018 Toyota RAV4

  • Turn the ignition on but do not start the engine.
  • Locate the tire pressure reset button near the bottom left of the instrument cluster.
  • Press and hold the button for 3 seconds until the tire pressure warning light blinks three times.
  • The light will then turn off, indicating the system has been reset.

2006-2012 Toyota RAV4

  • Turn the key to the “ON” position without starting the vehicle.
  • Push and hold the tire pressure warning reset button until the indicator light blinks three times.
  • Release the button. The warning light will shut off once the reset is complete.
  • If the light does not blink three times or turn off, repeat the process.

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Reasons Why You’d Need to Reset Your RAV4’s Tire Pressure Light

Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4

There are a few common reasons why the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) light may come on and need a reset in the RAV4:

  • You rotated your tires or changed one or more tires and need to reset the system to recognize the new tires.
  • You corrected an under-inflated tire that was causing the low pressure warning light to activate.
  • The tire pressures dropped due to seasonal temperature changes. Colder winter temperatures can cause a decrease of a few PSI.
  • You drive your RAV4 for an extended period of time at higher speeds, increasing the tire pressures. The light could come on if the pressures then drop back down to recommended levels.
  • One of the tire pressure sensors has malfunctioned, causing inaccurate readings.

Turn Off the Light and Roll With the Changes

The Toyota RAV4’s tire pressure monitoring and warning system provides an added level of safety and awareness for your vehicle’s tire inflation. While having the light come on may be a nuisance, make sure you are addressing any low tire situations promptly before resetting the light. Maintaining proper tire pressures will save you money over the long haul too. If you know all about HOW TO READ AND SET THE TIRE PRESSURE it will be very easy.

Resetting the tire pressure warning light when needed is thankfully a quick and straightforward process in the RAV4. So whenever that yellow light is staring you down on the dashboard, you’ll know how to take care of it and be back on your way.


Having improperly inflated tires can negatively impact your vehicle’s handling and braking, lead to uneven tire wear, and cost you money at the gas pump. That’s why Toyota equips the RAV4 with a tire pressure monitoring system. When pressures get too low, it alerts you via a warning light.

Once you’ve correctly inflated your tires, resetting the light is required to turn off the system and monitor pressures anew. It’s important to understand How to Reset the Tire Pressure Light on a Toyota RAV4. The steps for resetting the RAV4’s tire pressure light take just seconds to complete. Refer to your model year for the specific procedure. Maintaining proper inflation will keep you rolling safely and economically for many miles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my RAV4’s tire pressure light reset worked?

After resetting the light, it should turn off and stay off as long as the pressures remain at adequate levels. You can verify the reset took by letting some air out of a tire until the light comes back on, then adding air to turn it off again.

Will the light reset itself after I fill the tires?

No, you have to manually reset the RAV4’s tire pressure monitoring system for it to monitor the new pressure levels. The light and system will stay activated until the reset procedure is followed.

Do I need any tools to reset the tire pressure light?

No additional tools are needed. All you need to do is press the tire pressure reset button for a few seconds (for some model years) to complete the reset. A tire pressure gauge is needed initially to properly fill your tires before resetting.

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