The TOYOTA RAV4 HOLD BUTTON may seem like another random feature, but it serves a very important function. When engaged, the HOLD button allows you to temporarily pause your vehicle without keeping your foot on the brake pedal. This can be especially useful when stuck in traffic or waiting at a long red light.

Not only does this feature provide convenience and ease for drivers, but it also promotes fuel efficiency. Using the HOLD button can prevent unnecessary idling and reduce fuel consumption. This is particularly helpful in urban driving conditions where stop-and-go traffic is common.

Join us as we unveil the secrets of this function and explore how it can benefit you. Whether you’re a new Toyota owner or have had your RAV4 for years, understanding this helpful feature can give you more control and convenience while driving. Stay tuned to discover how the HOLD button works and its practical applications on the road.



What exactly does the HOLD button in a car do? It’s a valid question, considering its ambiguous nature. But fear not because I’m here to illuminate this mystery for you.

The HOLD button serves a simple yet ingenious purpose: it automatically applies the brake when your car is stopped in Drive (D), Sequential Shifting (S), or Neutral (N). This feature allows you to take your foot off the brake pedal at a standstill without putting your vehicle into Park (P). Imagine being able to easily rest your leg during long waits at red lights or stop signs – that’s the power of the HOLD button!

When you press the HOLD button, a green light will illuminate your car’s dashboard, indicating that the brake hold feature is activated. And when you come to a halt and the automatic braking kicks in, an orange HOLD indicator light will appear – assuring you that your car is securely held in place until you’re ready to move again.

So next time you see that enigmatic button labeled HOLD, know it’s there for your convenience and comfort when stationary in traffic or waiting at junctions.



The brake hold button is strategically placed in the center console area of the RAV4, making it easily accessible for the driver. Positioned directly to the left of the gear shifter, its prominent location ensures you won’t miss it whether you’re reaching out to engage the parking brake or simply trying to prevent your vehicle from rolling while at a stop; this convenient button is within arm’s reach.

If you search for this feature but need help locating it in your RAV4, remember that it is exclusive to models produced from 2019 onwards. Toyota has incorporated this functionality as an additional safety measure and convenience factor, specifically on newer models. So, if your RAV4 was manufactured before 2019, you will need access to this handy brake hold button.


Now that you know what it does, let’s discuss how to use the ‘HOLD’ button.



With a simple HOLD button press, you can activate this feature whether you’re driving or at a complete stop. It’s important to note that the driver’s door must be closed, and you must wear your seatbelt for this feature to work effectively.

Once activated, you’ll notice a green HOLD indicator light on your car’s dashboard, indicating that the brake hold feature is engaged. The next time you come to a stop while in drive (D), sport (S), or neutral (N) mode, the automatic brake hold will automatically apply.

This means you can safely take your foot off the brake pedal for up to three minutes without worrying about rolling backward.

An orange HOLD indicator light will alert you when the automatic brake hold has been applied to ensure maximum safety. It’s crucial to remember that if your foot remains off the brake after three minutes, the parking brake will automatically engage for your protection.


A buzzer sound and a message on the car’s multi-information display will remind you of this precautionary measure.


To deactivate the brake hold feature, follow these simple steps:

  • While the vehicle is stationary, depress the brake pedal.
  • Press the HOLD button again to turn off the brake hold.
  • You can also deactivate the brake hold while driving by pressing the HOLD button.
  • Remember that the brake hold feature will automatically deactivate when you turn off the vehicle entirely.
  • After deactivating the brake hold, you will notice that the indicator lights associated with this feature will disappear from the dashboard.

Following these quick instructions, you can turn off the brake hold feature whenever needed. Remember that deactivating the brake hold allows you to resume regular operation of your vehicle’s braking system without any interference or holding effects.


Do you find it challenging to use the brake hold feature? There are a few typical causes for why it could not be functioning.

  • Ensure that the driver’s door is closed correctly. The brake hold function activates only when all doors are securely shut.
  • Make sure to fasten your seat belt. The brake hold won’t engage if the driver is not wearing their seat belt, as it is a safety precaution.
  • Keep in mind that brake hold may not function on highly steep roads. This design limitation prevents any potential accidents or vehicle damage from occurring.
  • In slippery conditions such as icy or snowy roads, the brake hold feature may be inactive to prevent unintended slippage or loss of control.
  • If none of these conditions apply and the brake hold still doesn’t work, there might be a malfunction. In such cases, it is advised to schedule a visit to your dealer for further inspection and potential repairs.

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The TOYOTA RAV4 HOLD BUTTON is a valuable feature that gives drivers more control over their vehicle’s performance. By engaging this button, drivers can override the automatic transmission’s shifting pattern and hold gears longer, allowing for better acceleration and increased power when needed.

This feature is handy when climbing steep hills or maneuvering through challenging terrains. The Hold button can enhance the driving experience by providing a sportier feel to the RAV4. 


Is the Hold button available in all Toyota RAV4 models?

The Hold button is not a standard feature on all Toyota RAV4 models. It only applies to RAV4 vehicles produced in 2019 or after. 

What is the primary function of the Hold button?

The primary function of the Hold button is to keep the vehicle stationary without continuously pressing the brake pedal. 

Does the Hold button automatically turn off after a certain time?

Yes, the Hold button automatically turns off after a specific time. After 3 minutes of your foot being off the brake, the parking brake will be automatically applied, and a buzzer sound and message will be displayed.

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