You glance down at the dashboard of your Toyota RAV4 and notice an illuminated green light labelled “BSM.” This light may be unfamiliar to you, leaving you wondering what it means and if there is an issue with your vehicle. Rest assured, an illuminated Toyota BSM light is in regular operation and is not cause for concern. But what does this light indicate, and how can it help you? Let’s explore the blind spot monitoring system in Toyota RAV4 models.

What is Blind Spot Monitoring, and How Does it Work?


The BSM light stands for “Blind Spot Monitor.” This safety system in many modern vehicles helps alert drivers to other vehicles located in hard-to-see areas around the car, known as blind spots.

Blind spots commonly occur in the lanes on either side of the vehicle, especially toward the rear. The rear side panels and windshield pillars create visual obstructions that block the driver’s view of these adjacent lanes. Blind spot monitoring uses specialized sensors to detect vehicles driving in these areas hidden from the driver’s vision.

In Toyota RAV4 models equipped with blind spot monitoring, radar sensors are on the rear bumper, beneath the exterior trim. These sensors constantly scan the BSM light Toyota zones and detect when another vehicle enters these areas.

When a vehicle is detected in the blind spot, the BSM Toyota rav4 system illuminates an alert symbol in the appropriate side view mirror. This quickly alerts the driver to a hidden vehicle beside them so they can take caution before changing lanes.

If the driver activates a turn signal toward the side with an occupied blind spot, the alert symbol flashes rapidly to grab their attention. This warns the driver to proceed with the lane change once the other vehicle has passed.

This technology provides an extra level of awareness to help drivers make safer and more intelligent decisions. While automatic headlights turn the headlights on and off based on ambient light conditions, they do not override driver control. The tire pressure light alerts drivers when a tire is significantly under-inflated but does not override driver responsibility. The driver is still responsible for checking and maintaining proper tire pressure.

Why is the BSM Light Illuminated on the Dashboard?


Seeing the illuminated BSM light on your RAV4’s dashboard means the blind spot monitoring system is actively turned on. It is not an indicator of any problem or malfunction.

The Toyota Rav4 BSM light is a constant reminder that the system monitors your vehicle’s blind spots and is ready to provide warning symbols if needed. If the light is not illuminated, it likely means blind spot monitoring is temporarily disabled, or your vehicle is not equipped with this feature.

Does My Toyota RAV4 Have Blind Spot Monitoring?


Toyota began offering blind spot monitoring in the 2013 model year RAV4. It was a standard feature in more recent model years. Here are some quick guidelines to know if your RAV4 has blind spot monitoring:

  • 2013-2017 RAV4: Blind spot monitoring was optional. Verify if your trim package includes this option.
  • 2018 RAV4: Standard on XLE Premium, Adventure, and Limited trims. Optional for XLE and Adventure trims. Not available on LE trim.
  • 2019-2023 RAV4: Standard on all trims EXCEPT the LE and LE Hybrid. Optional add-on for these base models.

If you are unsure whether your RAV4 is equipped with blind spot monitoring, check for the BSM light on the dashboard when the vehicle turns on. This light only illuminates if the car has this system. You can also inspect the rear bumper for the radar sensors.

How Do I Turn Blind Spot Monitoring On or Off?

The process to toggle blind spot monitoring on and off varies slightly depending on the RAV4 model year:

2016-2022 RAV4:

  1. Turn the vehicle on
  2. Use the left and right arrow keys on the steering wheel to navigate to the Settings icon
  3. Select the Blind Spot Monitor menu option
  4. Press “OK” on the steering wheel to turn the system on or off

2013-2015 RAV4:

  1. Turn the vehicle on
  2. Press the physical BSM button on the left of the steering wheel

When enabled, verify the BSM light illuminates solid green on the dashboard. We recommend leaving blind spot monitoring enabled whenever driving your RAV4 for maximum safety.

Troubleshooting BSM Malfunctions and Errors


Occasionally, you may encounter an error message about the blind spot monitoring system or find it fails to alert correctly. Some common BSM problems and solutions include:

BSM sensors are obstructed: Ice, snow, mud, or debris on the rear bumper can impede the radar sensors. Carefully clear any buildup off the bumper.

Sensors are damaged: Even minor rear collisions can misalign the sensors and cause malfunctions. Inspect the bumpers and sensors for signs of damage.

The system needs to be reset: Try turning the vehicle off and back on to reset the BSM system. This may clear any temporary errors.

The sensor needs replacement: Severe bumper damage or non-repairable sensor issues require replacement parts. Contact a dealership or technician.

Following the troubleshooting steps above should get your RAV4’s blind spot monitoring functional again. But if problems persist, professional service may be needed.


The blind spot monitoring system in modern Toyota RAV4 models is an excellent safety technology that helps drivers be more aware of hidden vehicles around them. When operating normally, the BSM light illuminates the dashboard as an indicator the system is active and ready to provide warnings.

This light is not a cause for concern but a sign your RAV4 is keeping an eye out in areas difficult for you to see. With proper use and maintenance, blind spot monitoring can give you valuable peace of mind every time you change lanes.

Frequently Asked Questions about BSM in Toyota RAV4

What are the benefits of blind spot monitoring?

Blind-spot monitoring helps detect vehicles in hard-to-see areas and warns drivers before unsafe lane changes. This technology can help reduce accidents.

Will blind spot monitoring automatically break for me?

No. These systems only provide alerts. The driver remains in complete control and is responsible for braking.

Can I add blind spot monitoring to my older RAV4?

Possibly. Some vehicles can be retrofitted with aftermarket blind spot sensors and systems. Speak to a technician to see if this is an option.

How do blind spot sensors know there is a vehicle beside me?

The sensors emit electromagnetic waves that detect when another vehicle enters its scanning range, triggering the alert symbols.

Why does my BSM light flash sometimes?

A flashing BSM light means a vehicle is in your blind spot while using a turn signal. The system is warning you not to change lanes.

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