The Toyota RAV4 has gained popularity as a compact crossover for its versatility in remote travel, off-roading, and camping, also known as overlanding. This trend of RAV4 overland travel has been on the rise lately. If you’re itching to hit the road with your RAV4 and use its spacious storage, comfortable interiors, and reliable off-road capabilities, then keep reading because we have everything you need to know about getting started with the RAV4 overland build.

As a beginner, you might have questions like how much ground clearance your RAV4 offers and whether it’s necessary to lift it. Are you wondering about its towing capacity or the exact dimensions of its cargo space? Fear not! This Guide will delve into the fundamentals of Overland Rav4 and explain everything you need to prepare for your next adventure in your trusty RAV4.


Overlanding is a unique style of travel that involves complete self-sufficiency. It is about embracing the journey rather than just reaching a particular destination. People choose overland travel to explore remote and off-the-beaten-path locations often inaccessible by traditional means. Individuals can traverse rugged terrains and challenging landscapes with mechanized off-road vehicles such as bicycles or trucks.

The primary mode of accommodation during an overland expedition is camping. This allows travelers to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy the freedom of sleeping under the stars. Overland RAV4 trips can range from a few days to several months or years, depending on personal preferences and available time.

One of the remarkable aspects of overlanding is its flexibility in crossing international boundaries. Travelers can experience diverse cultures, landscapes, and traditions while visiting different countries. This adds an element of excitement and discovery to the overland journey.



Overland vehicles are specifically designed to support extended living arrangements. These setups may not be suitable for extreme off-roading activities like rock crawling due to specific considerations such as weight distribution and balance of the vehicle.

To ensure a successful overlanding experience, there are several essential items that every adventurer should have on hand. These include remote communication devices, navigation tools, first aid training and equipment, a bug-out bag, an assortment of tools and spares, recovery essentials, appropriately designed recovery points, proper tires with a spare tire included, loading and lashing points for secure storage, reliable straps for tying down equipment, and minimalist camping gear.

More detailed information about the necessary equipment will be provided in subsequent sections. If you want to admire the capabilities of an equipped Toyota RAV4 overland to build through captivating visuals, we have compiled some compelling photographs below:


Are RAV4s suitable for off-roading? The response is YES. A fantastic option for an overlanding vehicle is the Toyota Rav4 Overlander. It offers every element a well-equipped overlander needs. These consist of:

  • Room for storage
  • Comfort
  • Affordability

road-traveling ability

The Toyota Rav4 Overlander is a versatile vehicle that can easily be modified for overlanding adventures. If you’re considering which RAV4 to buy specifically for overlanding, the first Gen, second, and fifth-generation models are your best choices. These models come with all-wheel drive systems essential for tackling rugged off-road terrain. They also boast good ground clearance and excellent traction due to their rugged construction.

While the third and fourth-generation RAV4s are decent options, it’s worth noting that there have been some consumer reports of rear differential overheating and other minor issues. To ensure a hassle-free overlanding experience across various terrains, it’s recommended to stick with the earlier-mentioned models.

Whether you’re planning on navigating rocky landscapes or muddy trails, the RAV4’s AWD system provides added confidence and control. Its robust construction allows it to withstand challenging conditions while preserving its solid performance.


See these fantastic RAV4 overland builds YouTube videos for a more thorough look!


To prepare your vehicle for overlanding, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your adventure. This involves equipping your RAV4 with off-road modifications and essential camping accessories. 

Regarding off-road modifications, incorporating features like skid plates, suspension upgrades, and all-terrain tires can enhance your RAV4’s ability to handle rugged terrains. Installing a roof rack or a cargo carrier will allow you to carry extra gear and equipment.

For camping accessories, a reliable rooftop tent or ground tent is essential for overnight stays. A portable stove and cooking utensils are handy for preparing meals on the go, while a durable cooler keeps your perishable items fresh longer. Investing in a compact camping chair and table provides comfortable seating options during downtime.

Remember to ensure safety during nighttime activities and equip your RAV4 with extra lighting, such as LED light bars or spotlights. An electrical power source like dual batteries or solar panels will be useful for charging devices and powering appliances.


Here are the top RAV4 upgrades to ensure your car is ready for off-road driving.


A lift kit is an aftermarket modification that raises the height of your vehicle’s suspension. Doing so increases the distance between your vehicle and the ground, resulting in higher ground clearance. 

Adding a lift kit to your RAV4 can significantly enhance its appearance, giving it a more rugged and aggressive look. It transforms your everyday SUV into a head-turning, adventure-ready machine.

Not only does a lift kit improve the aesthetics of your RAV4, but it also improves its off-roading capabilities. With increased ground clearance, you can tackle stricter terrain without worrying about scraping the undercarriage against rocks or obstacles.



All-terrain tires are an excellent upgrade for off-road adventures as they enhance traction on various surfaces, making them suitable for both on and off-road drives. These tires have a unique design that blends the open-tread pattern found in off-road tires with the solid handling capabilities of street tires.

One remarkable option to consider when searching for top-notch all-terrain tires is the Falken Wildpeak A T Tires. I have installed these specific tires on my 2021 Toyota RAV4, which have exceeded my expectations in every way possible.

Ideally suited for off-roading enthusiasts like myself, these Falken Wildpeak A T Tires deliver exceptional performance and reliability while ensuring maximum grip and stability on any terrain type. Whether tackling rocky terrain or muddy paths, these specialized all-terrain tires provide extraordinary traction to conquer even the most challenging obstacles easily. 


A roof rack is an essential modification for any overland adventure enthusiast. It provides a secure and convenient way to transport all the gear you need on the road. One exceptional roof rack that I highly recommend is the Prinsu Roof Rack. It has proven itself time and time again, being able to handle all my gear during my countless adventures.

One thing to note is that the Prinsu Roof Rack has a limitation. It is not compatible with RAV4 models equipped with a panoramic sunroof. While this may be disappointing for some RAV4 owners, it’s important to remember that plenty of other options are available regarding roof racks that will work perfectly fine with your vehicle.


The light bar is a must-have accessory for vehicles to provide additional illumination in front or behind the vehicle. It proves to be extremely beneficial for individuals who frequently require more light while driving. Overlanders, in particular, can significantly benefit from installing a light bar as they often use their vehicles in dark environments. It can aid navigation, especially on poorly lit or marked roads. When it comes to RAV4 overland builds, there are two fantastic options available

  • The LED Light Bar
  • The Front Light Bar Mountain System

These choices ensure that RAV4 owners have ample lighting for their adventures.


Here are the top items I advise making if you want to turn your RAV4 into an overland car. You’ll also need camping gear.



The Nomadic 3 Rooftop Tent by Overland Vehicle Systems offers the perfect combination of comfort and durability for an off-road adventure in your RAV4. Its spacious design accommodates two people, making it an ideal option for solo travelers or couples. The tent features a sturdy aluminum frame and high-quality materials that provide insulation from the elements and ensure long-lasting performance.

One of the standout features of this rooftop tent is its ease of setup. With just a few simple steps, you can have a cozy sleeping space ready atop your RAV4 in no time. This comes in handy after a long day on the trails when you only want to relax and unwind without the hassle of setting up a ground tent. Up high offers panoramic views of your surroundings, waking you to breathtaking vistas each morning.


When living in your RAV4 during overlanding, one of the main concerns is how to access water. Water tanks can be an excellent solution for storing water during your trip. These tanks are affordable, resilient, and easy to carry around, holding anywhere from two to seven gallons, depending on your specific tank.

There are two primary options available when it comes to water tanks.

  • WaterPORT Day Tank (3.8 gallons)
  • WaterPORT Weekender (8.0 gallons)



A retractable awning is a must-have accessory for regular overland trips. It provides shelter and shade right next to your car or truck. The ARB Retractable Awning with LED Lights is ideal for camping, road trips, or long-term expeditions.

Setting it up takes just 30 seconds – rapid and convenient. This self-standing awning offers ample space to relax and enjoy the outdoors, protected from the elements. The added LED lights ensure visibility during nighttime activities. Whether hanging out alone or with friends and family, this retractable awning will significantly enhance your overlanding experience.


The Toyota RAV4 Overland Build Guide offers a comprehensive overview of transforming your RAV4 into an off-road adventure machine. From essential equipment and modifications to tips on navigation and camping, this Guide provides all the information you need to confidently take your RAV4 off the beaten path.

Whether you’re a seasoned overlander or a beginner looking to explore the great outdoors, the RAV4 Overland Guide is a valuable resource to help you make the most of your vehicle’s capabilities. 


Is the RAV4 good in the mountains?

Yes, the RAV4 is good in the mountains. It is a reliable and capable SUV that can handle mountainous terrain. If you want to enhance its performance in such conditions, using Sport Mode is recommended. 

Can you fit an air mattress in a RAV4?

You can fit an air mattress in a Toyota RAV4 with its 73.4 cubic feet of space. You’ll need to move the front passenger seat as far forward as possible and tilt it toward the dashboard. You’ll also need to lay the seats flat.

Is the Toyota RAV4 any good off-road?

Yes, the Toyota RAV4 is decent off-road. It can handle rough terrain and unpaved roads with ease. If you’re looking for extreme off-roading capabilities, consider other options. 

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