The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular compact SUVs. Many drivers choose the RAV4 for its reliability, fuel efficiency, and family-friendly interior. One of the top amenities RAV4 buyers look for is heated front seats, which provide extra comfort and warmth during cold weather driving. Read on to learn all about Toyota RAV4 heated seats.


Heated front seats first became available on the RAV4, starting with the 2013 model year. They were offered as an option on higher trim levels, including the XLE and Limited grades.

In 2016, heated front seats became standard equipment on most RAV4 trim levels. The only exception is typically the base LE model, which does not include heated seats.

Here is a quick overview of heated seat availability by RAV4 trim level:

  • LE – No heated seats
  • LE Eco – No heated seats
  • LE Hybrid – Heated front seats standard
  • LE Premium – Heated front seats standard
  • XLE – Heated front seats standard
  • XLE Premium – Heated front seats standard
  • Adventure – Heated front seats standard
  • TRD Off-Road – Heated front seats standard
  • Limited – Heated front seats standard
  • Limited Hybrid – Heated front seats standard

So, in summary, heated front seats are standard on all RAV4 trim levels except the base LE and LE Eco models starting in 2016. The LE Hybrid does include heated seats as standard.



The Toyota RAV4 only offers heated front seats. There is no option to get heated rear seats from the factory on any RAV4 model or trim level.

Many other compact SUVs have only standard heated front seats, including the Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester, and Nissan Rogue.

High-end luxury SUVs like the Lexus RX or Audi Q5 offer heated rear outboard seats as an upgrade, but this feature is unavailable on the RAV4.

If having heated rear seats is essential, some aftermarket and dealership options are available to add them. However, getting this feature directly from Toyota is impossible on the RAV4.


Along with heated front seats, higher trim RAV4 models also typically include several other luxury features:

  • Dual-zone automatic climate control – allows the driver and front passenger to select their cabin temperatures.
  • Leather-trimmed seats – Leather seating surfaces are standard on higher trims with heated seats.
  • Power driver’s seat – The driver’s seat can be adjusted using controls on the side instead of manually
  • Heated leather steering wheel – warms up the steering wheel on cold days
  • Remote engine start – starts the RAV4 remotely to heat up or cool down the cabin before entering
  • Auto-dimming rearview mirror – dims bright headlights from behind for better night vision

So, in the RAV4, heated seats often come packaged with leather surfaces, adjustable driver’s seats, automatic climate control, and other upscale touches. This creates a more premium and comfortable driving experience. If you lost your Toyota RAV4 fob keys, you can read how to deactivate this smart key system.



Since heated front seats are standard on most RAV4 models, adding them is no additional cost or option. The only exceptions are the base LE and LE Eco trims, which do not have heated seats.

On the LE Eco, adding heated front seats is part of an optional package called the Technology Package, which costs approximately $1,415.

The base LE model has no factory option to add heated seats. However, some dealerships may offer heated seat installation for around $600-$800.

So while heated seats are standard across the lineup, starting with XLE and higher, the LE Eco and LE models require additional packages or aftermarket installation if you want this feature.

Generally, getting heated seats on the RAV4 ranges from no additional charge to about $1,500, depending on the trim level selected. Compare this to luxury SUVs that charge over $1,000 to add heated rear seats alone.



Here are some of the top benefits that come with having heated front seats on the RAV4:

  • Warmth – Heated seats warm your body directly and feel cozy on cold winter days.
  • Comfort – The warmth can help relax muscles and joints and relieve pain or stiffness.
  • Performance – Warm seats help keep your body at an ideal temperature for alertness and reaction time behind the wheel.
  • Health – Heating pads built into the seats can improve circulation compared to blasting heat.
  • Convenience – You don’t have to wait for the cabin to warm up since the seats heat immediately.
  • Safety – Heated seats reduce shivering and distraction to help you focus on winter driving.


The downsides of heated seats to consider include:

  • Expense – Costs more money on lower LE trims of the RAV4 without this standard feature.
  • Limited area – Only heats your back and bottom rather than the whole body.
  • Power drain – Uses more battery charge, which could impact fuel economy.
  • Not ventilated – Doesn’t offer cooling like perforated leather seats.
  • Unsuitable in warm weather – Can’t turn on when seats are already hot.
  • Potential overheating – Concerns over getting too hot if left on high settings for long periods.


Using the heated front seats in the Toyota RAV4 is simple:

  1. Start the ignition to power the climate control system.
  2. Press the button on the climate control panel showing a seat with red wavy lines.
  3. Press once for high heat, twice for low heat, and a third time to turn off.
  4. Allow about 5 minutes for seats to reach maximum warmth.
  5. Adjust the temperature using high or low as needed for comfort.
  6. Turn off once warmed up to avoid overheating.

This feature integrates The heated seat controls into the automatic dual-zone climate control panel on higher RAV4 trims. The buttons light up red when activated.

Be sure to allow the seat time to warm up rather than leaving them on high immediately to prevent getting too hot. It’s recommended to use the low setting for prolonged heating.


It’s a popular feature in TOYOTA RAV4 HEATED SEATS, which is now standard on all models except the base LE. They provide cozy warmth in winter weather, add comfort for aches and pains, and improve safety by reducing driver distraction. While the cost runs around $600-$1,500 extra on lower trims, most buyers find heated seats well worth the money for their benefits in cold climates. Follow the quick steps to operate the heated seat controls on the climate panel and enjoy this luxurious addition to your RAV4.


Which Toyota RAV4 models come with heated front seats standard?

Starting in 2016, all RAV4 models except the base LE and LE Eco come standard with heated front seats. The LE Hybrid also includes heated front seats as standard.

How much does adding heated seats to an RAV4 LE or LE Eco cost?

For the LE Eco, heated seats are part of a $1,415 optional package. For the LE, dealerships may charge around $600-$800 for aftermarket heated seat installation since it’s unavailable from the factory.

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