In 2019, the Toyota RAV4 Off-Road splashed at the Chicago Motor Show with the Toyota RAV4 TRD wheels unveiling. The combination of sleek design and impressive performance earned instant praise from enthusiasts. Today, TRD wheels are pivotal in elevating the RAV4 to a new level. What once was seen as an ordinary passenger vehicle has now been transformed into a stylish off-roader, thanks partly to these game-changing wheels.

If your RAV4 trim is without TRD wheels or wants to replace them, read on for options and information. These wheels have become more than just an add-on; they’ve become a symbol of the RAV4’s capability and style. Whether enhancing off-road prowess or adding a touch of visual flair, TRD wheels continue to impress drivers across the board.


TRD (Toyota Racing Development) wheels have become a hallmark of the RAV4, not just for their sleek appearance but also for their formidable performance. These wheels are crafted from aluminum alloy and embody Toyota’s commitment to optimizing durability and functionality. They balance lightweight efficiency, ideal for city driving, and robust strength for off-road adventures.

What sets TRD wheels apart is their stylish design and the meticulous engineering behind them. These wheels’ curves and grooves have been fine-tuned through extensive analysis to enhance the RAV4’s off-road capabilities.

This attention to detail ensures that every journey, whether on rugged trails or urban streets, is met with unmatched resilience and agility. This level of dedication truly sets TRD wheels apart as a vital component of the RAV4 Off-Road trim level, offering more than just aesthetics—delivering an enhanced driving experience across diverse terrains.





If you’re curious about the RAV4 TRD Wheels, why not check out some photos to see them in action? Take a look at this Lunar Rock RAV4 from Telluride, Colorado – the TRD wheels add a bold and rugged look that stands out. 


  • TRD wheels are highly favored by RAV4 enthusiasts primarily for their aesthetic appeal, with many owners seeking these wheels for the visual enhancement they provide to their vehicle’s appearance.
  • In addition to aesthetics, TRD wheels offer practical benefits such as reduced unsprang weight, resulting in a smoother ride when driving over bumps and obstacles.
  • The improved cooling efficiency of TRD wheels contributes to enhanced braking ability, making them a popular choice among those who prioritize performance and safety.
  • Another advantage of TRD wheels is their enhanced wheel rigidity, providing greater control around sharp turns and at high speeds.

Toyota Racing Development specifically designs these wheels to meet the demands of off-road enthusiasts, providing excellent durability and performance. With their rugged construction and stylish design, TRD Wheels not only elevate the appearance of your vehicle but also deliver reliable traction and stability on rough terrain.


TRD wheels are found initially on the RAV4 TRD Off-Road trim level when it comes straight from the factory. If you have a different RAV4 trim and still want to use these wheels, it’s possible with a few considerations.

All RAV4 trims can accommodate TRD wheels because they share the same offset, hub, and bolt pattern. Confirming with your Toyota dealership or an independent mechanic is recommended to ensure a seamless fit for your specific vehicle.

The compatibility of TRD wheels across all RAV4 trims allows for flexibility in personalizing your car’s appearance. This means you can add a touch of off-road style without purchasing the TRD Off-Road model. By confirming the fitment with a professional, you can proceed confidently with the wheel swap and enhance the look of your RAV4 to suit your preferences.

All the specs you require are listed here.

TRD Wheel Specifications for RAV4:

  • Fastening Design: 5 x 114.3 mm
  • 18′′ in diameter
  • Breadth: 7″
  • Dist.: 35 mm
  • Brand of Tyre: P225/60HR18


The TRD wheels specifically designed for the Toyota RAV4 have a price range of approximately $200 to $300 per wheel when purchased brand new. This cost is slightly higher than the standard wheels available on other trims of the RAV4.

If budget is a concern, opting for used TRD wheels can be a cost-effective alternative, saving you money depending on their condition. It’s important to note that the prices mentioned typically do not include applicable taxes or installation charges.

When purchasing used TRD wheels for your RAV4, it’s advisable to carefully inspect their condition and ensure they meet safety standards before making a purchase. While pre-owned TRD wheels may offer savings compared to brand-new ones, it’s wise to factor in any potential refurbishment or maintenance costs.


Buying TRD Wheels for your RAV4 can be a convenient and exciting process. While your local dealer is the go-to option, online marketplaces like eBay and Facebook Marketplace can offer unique opportunities to find the perfect wheels at competitive prices. Take notice of the potential time and cost savings of exploring these platforms.

When considering purchasing TRD Wheels, weighing the pros and cons of local dealers and online marketplaces is essential. Local dealers provide a personalized experience and may facilitate ordering, while online platforms offer a more comprehensive selection and potential cost savings. 


The popularity of TOYOTA RAV4 TRD WHEELS among RAV4 owners is well-deserved, given their attractive appearance and enhanced performance capabilities. These wheels offer RAV4 owners the opportunity to experience the excitement of off-roading while maintaining the comfort of their vehicle.

If you own an RAV4 TRD Off-Road and need new wheels, your best action would be to contact your local Toyota dealership or explore online marketplaces such as eBay. The question remains: will you be considering TRD wheels for your RAV4? Share your thoughts and plans in the comments below!


Can you put TRD wheels on RAV4?

Yes, you can put TRD wheels on a RAV4. The TRD Off-Road AWD wheels are designed for the 2021 Toyota RAV4 to enhance performance and appearance. 

Which RAV4 has 19-inch wheels?

The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Limited trim has 19-inch wheels as standard, giving it a more stylish and sporty look than other trims. 

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