The Toyota RAV4 is one of the most popular compact SUVs. Due to high demand and production constraints, 2023 TOYOTA RAV4 WAIT TIMES have become lengthy. 

This article comprehensively overviews current RAV4 wait times, including a breakdown by model, country, and dealership. It also covers the reasons behind the delays, how to get on waiting lists, tips for shortening wait times, impacts on customers, future market outlooks, and Toyota’s plans to address the situation.

They own an RAV4, which used to be as simple as walking into a Toyota dealership and driving home the same day. Over the past few years, unprecedented market conditions have led to extreme inventory shortages and long waitlists for Toyota’s top-selling compact SUV. 

As a result, wait times for a new 2023 RAV4 sometimes stretch to 4 years.

By the end, you’ll have the information you need to determine if waiting for a 2023 RAV4 is feasible and worthwhile.

Average Toyota RAV4 Wait Times


Across all models, the average rav4 wait time is 9.9 months. Significant variation exists between the three RAV4 models:

RAV4 Non-Hybrid: Average wait of 5.6 months

RAV4 Hybrid: Average delay of 11.1 months

RAV4 Prime Plug-in Hybrid: Average delay of 13.1 months

The standard, non-hybrid RAV4 has the shortest wait times given its less complex design than the two hybrid models. On the contrary, the highly in-demand RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid suffers from the most severe inventory shortages and longest waitlists.

Toyota RAV4 Wait Times By Model Year

Here is a summary of the waitlist lengths and average wait times for each 2023 Toyota RAV4 model:

ModelWaitlist LengthsAverage Wait Time
RAV4 (Non-Hybrid)Up to 1 year5.6 months
RAV4 HybridUp to 3 years11.1 months
RAV4 PrimeUp to 4 years13.1 months

The non-hybrid has waitlists of up to 1 year and an average delivery of 5.6 months. The hybrid and Prime models have multiple-year waitlists and average waits of nearly a year or more.

Toyota RAV4 Wait Times By Country

RAV4 hybrid wait times can vary drastically depending on the country. Here are the range of waitlist lengths and average waits for the significant RAV4 markets:

CountryWaitlist LengthsAverage Wait Time
USA0-18 months2.9 months
Canada2-48 months12.2 months
Australia4-36 months15.5 months

The United States sees the shortest Toyota Rav4 prime wait times globally thanks to its standing as Toyota’s largest market. Canada’s waits stretch as long as 4 years for some models, while Australia consistently sees waits of 1-3 years across all models.

Reasons For Toyota RAV4 Wait Times

Given that RAV4s were once readily available, what explains the long rav4 wait times? Here are the primary factors:

Surging RAV4 Demand

RAV4 sales grew 15% in 2021 and another 5% in 2022 as buyers flocked to SUVs. Supply hasn’t kept pace with rising demand.

Production Constraints

Like all automakers, Toyota has been severely hampered by parts shortages, COVID-related factory shutdowns, and other assembly constraints. RAV4 hybrid models have proven especially difficult to ramp up.

World Events

Global events like the pandemic, war in Ukraine, supply chain issues, and rising inflation have severely restricted vehicle production and inventory.

Parts Shortages

Ongoing semiconductor chip shortages have made it difficult for Toyota to obtain the necessary parts to build enough RAV4s.

Natural Disasters

Events like the 2021 Texas freeze and the 2022 earthquake in Japan damaged key supplier factories, slowing Toyota’s output.

Strong Economic Rebound

As economies swiftly rebounded from COVID slowdowns, strong auto sales further strained tight inventories.

Labor Shortages

Toyota has struggled to staff factories and supply plants to total capacity due to labor shortages, limiting production volumes.

It’s been a perfect storm of soaring RAV4 popularity and externally constrained manufacturing, leading to the extreme wait times buyers now face.

Getting on the Toyota RAV4 Waitlist


Given the multi-year waits facing some buyers, getting on a waitlist ASAP is critical if you hope to land a 2023 RAV4 anytime soon. Here’s what you need to know:

Most dealers require a refundable deposit.

Deposit amounts average $500 to $1,500, depending on the location

Deposits are applied as down payments once the RAV4 arrives

Some dealers don’t require deposits

Typical RAV4 Waitlist Deposit Amounts:

  • USA Deposits: $500 to $1,000
  • Australia Deposits: $500 to $1,000
  • Canada Deposits: $1,000 to $1,500

Ask each dealer about deposit requirements and refund policies before joining waitlists. Getting your name on lists at multiple dealers can shorten rav4 hybrid wait times.

Tips for Shortening Toyota RAV4 Wait Times

If you hope to shorten your wait time for a 2023 RAV4, here are some helpful tips:

  • Get on waitlists as soon as possible
  • Check with all dealers within driving distance
  • Avoid picky preferences for colors or features
  • Consider less popular models like the gas-powered RAV4
  • Explore manufacturers with better inventory, like Subaru or Honda
  • Checklists frequently for quicker-matched units
  • Consider using RAV4s as well

While shortcuts are currently limited, staying proactive and flexible gives you the best shot at finding an RAV4 on a reasonable timeline.

Impacts on Toyota Customers

The extreme 2023 RAV4 shortages and delays significantly impact Toyota buyers. Common customer complaints include:

  • Multi-year wait times after only being quoted months
  • Dealers continually kicking delivery dates down the road
  • Lack of transparency around actual availability
  • Feeling forced into used or non-Toyota options
  • Frustration after years of brand loyalty

Some customer’s views: 

“I’m in California and have been waiting since February 2022 for my RAV4 Hybrid, with delivery dates constantly shifted later.”

“I’m still waiting after joining the list in August 2022! Toronto dealers keep underestimating wait times.”

“I joined the waitlist in May 2022 and have now been waiting over eight months for my RAV4 Prime with no end in sight.”

After decades of easy Toyota purchases, the recent paradigm shift has disappointed many loyal buyers.

Future Toyota RAV4 Market Conditions

When might RAV4 shortages and extreme wait times finally ease up? There are some promising signals:

  • Inventory rose 80,000+ units industry-wide in December 2022
  • Waitlist dropouts are accelerating as interest rates rise
  • RAV4 production declined 7%, indicating excess demand is softening
  • Experts suggest late 2023 could bring relief

Toyota plans to:

  • Increase global production by 15% in 2023
  • Ramp up to 10.6 million vehicles produced in 2023
  • Continue prioritizing semiconductor chip supply

With these positive indicators, RAV4 waits could start reducing towards the end of 2023. it may be 2024 or beyond before inventories fully normalize.

Toyota’s Plans To Resolve the RAV4 Shortage

Toyota is expending tremendous efforts to:

  1. Restore RAV4 inventory levels to meet demand adequately
  2. Shorten wait times for buyers to reasonable levels

Key actions include:

  • Increasing total 2023 production 15% year-over-year
  • Investing billions to secure semiconductor chip inventory
  • Ramping up under-capacity hybrid model assembly lines
  • Hiring workers to maximize operating hours
  • Exploring alternative chip suppliers to mitigate shortages
  • Partnering with dealers to set accurate buyer expectations

The company states: “We sincerely apologize for the long waits customers face for our top-rated RAV4 lineup. Please know we have all resources aimed at restoring normal lead times.”

While progress will take time, Toyota appears highly committed to getting RAV4 waitlists and delays back in check over the next 12-24 months.

How Long Will Toyota Customers Keep Waiting?

Given wait times stretching to 4 years in some cases, how long can loyal Toyota shoppers reasonably endure? It requires severe patience and commitment to postpone vehicle purchases for 2+ years – especially amid constantly shifting delivery estimates.

Many once-diehard Toyota fans have already jumped ship due to a lack of inventory and accurate timelines. For those still waiting, solidarity lies in RAV4 chat boards and waitlist Facebook groups. Members share anxieties and air frustrations, and encourage others to hang in.

Proceeding with other vehicle purchases or even used RAV4s remains the only logical decision despite years of brand dedication. Yet several patient and understanding buyers still believe that Toyota will come through before too long.

The bottom line is Toyota risks losing even its most loyal supporters if acute shortages drag on much further. I hope substantial improvements in 2023 RAV4 wait times provide some well-deserved relief.


Buying a Toyota RAV4 in 2023 requires serious patience, given that average wait times now exceed nine months. The non-hybrid model sees slightly better availability than hybrid variants. In the USA, waits are shorter than in Canada and Australia. Surging RAV4 popularity amid production constraints tied to parts shortages and world events catalyzed extreme delays.

Getting on waitlists ASAP and staying flexible gives buyers the best shot. Encouragingly, inventories rose slightly in late 2022, and Toyota aims to increase output by 15% this year. Even loyal brand devotees can only endure multi-year waits so long before looking elsewhere. With any luck, 2023 will bring improved inventory and shorter RAV4 delays.


What is the average 2023 Toyota rav4 prime wait time?

Average waits reach 9.9 months across models but range from 5.6 months for the gas model to over 1 year for the RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid.

How long are Americans waiting compared to other countries?

U.S. shoppers see shorter waits, around 2-5 months on average, compared to 1-4 year waitlists in Canada and Australia.

What steps is Toyota taking to reduce RAV4 wait times?

Toyota is increasing 2023 production by 15% YOY, securing chip supply, adding labor, exploring alternate suppliers, and partnering with dealers to set proper buyer expectations.

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