As a passionate RAV4 owner, I’m always eager to enhance my beloved rav4 mods. Over the years, through personal experience and engaging with fellow enthusiasts, I’ve curated an extensive list of mods that can genuinely elevate your RAV4’s performance, functionality, and style.

In this article, I’ll share my top 50 favorite modifications and aftermarket accessories that have transformed my RAV4 into a unique ride. From practical upgrades to bold cosmetic touches, these mods will undoubtedly breathe new life into your Toyota, allowing you to conquer the roads with confidence and flair. Get ready to unlock your RAV4’s full potential as we dive into this comprehensive guide.

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Upgrade your RAV4’s center console with a two-layer storage system to keep your items organized and secure. This custom-fit solution perfectly fits your RAV4 model, eliminating any sliding or rattling while driving. With this system in place, you can conveniently store and access your belongings without any hassle.

The additional tray on top provides easy access to frequently used items, while the bottom compartment offers ample space for storing extra items. Enjoy a clutter-free center console with this innovative storage solution for the modded RAV4.



The RAV4 offers practical storage options, but extra space is always welcome. The center console organizer adds more room for small essentials like pens and phones. It helps keep items organized and easily accessible while driving. With designated compartments, it prevents clutter and enhances convenience. The tray is specifically designed to fit the center console of the RAV4 snugly. Installation is quick and hassle-free, requiring no special tools. Its non-slip surface ensures items stay in place during travel. 


Upgrade your RAV4’s glove box with this custom-fit organizer, designed to optimize storage space for enhanced convenience. The durable material ensures long-lasting use and protection for your items. Installation is a breeze – drop it in and start organizing your essentials immediately. Keep important documents, sunglasses, and chargers neatly organized and within easy reach. Say goodbye to cluttered glove boxes with this efficient storage solution. The sleek design seamlessly integrates into your vehicle’s interior for a seamless look.


The Center Console Vault is a secure storage solution designed to protect valuables in your car. It features a locked box that prevents unauthorized access to your items. This device is handy for individuals who store essential documents, electronics, or other valuable items in their vehicles. During a break-in, the Center Console Vault is a barrier against theft. Its sturdy construction ensures durability and peace of mind for car owners. Easy access and installation make it a convenient choice for added security on the go. 


A set of roof rack cross bars is a versatile accessory that can make transporting large items a breeze. By securely mounting to the side rails on your modded RAV4, these cross bars provide a stable platform for carrying various objects such as mattresses, kayaks, skis, and more. The durable construction ensures that your items stay safely in place during transit. Whether you’re heading out for a camping trip or need to transport bulky gear for a weekend adventure, these cross bars offer convenience and peace of mind. Attach the equipment to the roof rack, and you’ll be ready.



Having extra storage space is vital when camping or on a long trip. A folding hitch cargo carrier offers convenience and versatility for storing items while travelling with kids. This carrier attaches to the hitch and provides a spacious 16 x 20 x 6 inches platform. With a weight capacity of up to 500 pounds, it can securely accommodate various bulky items.

The folding feature allows the carrier to be easily stored away when not in use, saving space. It is an efficient alternative to traditional roof racks with cargo boxes or bags. Utilizing the hitch for storage allows you to free up interior space in your vehicle for passengers and other essentials. The carrier’s sturdy design ensures durability and stability during transport.



The Prinsu Roof Rack is revolutionizing the way RAV4 owners approach their adventures. Its lightweight design adds minimal weight to your vehicle while providing maximum utility. The ability to customize the rack to suit your specific needs truly elevates the versatility of your RAV4 for any outdoor excursion.

Beyond its practicality, the Prinsu Roof Rack offers a sleek, low-profile aesthetic that seamlessly integrates with the RAV4’s design. The high-quality construction and durability ensure that this roof rack can withstand rugged terrain and heavy loads without compromising performance. Whether you’re an avid camper or outdoor enthusiast or need extra storage space for road trips, this mod is a game-changer in optimizing your vehicle for all gear-hauling possibilities.


The trunk cargo net is a simple and effective solution for organising your trunk. Installation is a breeze, requiring minimal effort. This versatile accessory is ideal for those who frequently store items in their trunk, providing a secure way to keep everything in place while driving. The net is convenient for carrying groceries, preventing them from rolling around during transit. Its durable design ensures long-lasting use, making it a practical addition to any vehicle.


If you’re looking for an efficient storage solution for your RAV4, the multimedia screen storage tray might be your best bet. This clever aftermarket option attaches seamlessly behind the multimedia screen, making it easily accessible while driving. The tray offers a convenient space to store items like sunglasses, keys, or small electronics on your dashboard.

With its sturdy design and quick installation process, this storage tray is a practical add-on for keeping essentials within reach at all times. It’s an ideal solution for organizing clutter and creating a more streamlined interior in your vehicle. 



Tinted windows offer a range of benefits, such as UV protection, interior preservation, increased privacy, and improved comfort. Additionally, they can enhance the appearance of your vehicle and provide better gas mileage. This modification is not exclusive to the RAV4 but is beneficial for all types of cars.

Before tinting your windows, research the legal requirements in your state regarding light transmission percentages. They typically cost between $100 to $400, and window tinting services can be found at automotive shops. Overall, tinted windows are a practical and stylish addition to any car that can improve safety and aesthetics.


Enhancing your RAV4 with emblem overlays is an effortless and budget-friendly method to give your car a distinctive look. Various designs are available, but black remains a popular choice among enthusiasts. Don’t hesitate to explore different options and unleash your creativity! Toyota offers OEM overlays on Amazon for those interested in blackout options on newer models from 2019 onwards. 


Third-party companies, not Toyota itself, produce aftermarket wheels for the Toyota RAV4. These wheels are famous for their aesthetic appeal and can give your RAV4 a unique and personalized look. By choosing aftermarket wheels, you have various styles, sizes, and finishes. This modification can range from subtle changes to more bold and eye-catching designs.


TRD wheels are typically crafted from lightweight aluminum alloy, enhancing performance and handling by reducing weight and improving heat dissipation. These wheels are featured on the TRD Off-Road version of the Toyota RAV4 but can also be obtained for other RAV4 models. If you wish to enhance your RAV4’s appearance and performance, purchasing Toyota’s TRD wheels is a great option. Made from high-quality materials, these wheels are designed to provide a stylish look and improved driving experience. 


You can easily find affordable options by heading to online marketplaces like eBay. Simply purchasing and installing black wheel skins can quickly transform the appearance of your vehicle. These covers are designed to fit snugly over your existing hubcaps, providing a sleek and customized look. With various styles and finishes available, you can choose one that best suits your preferences.


Removing the plastic covers on steel wheels can greatly enhance your car’s appearance. This simple modification is easy to do and doesn’t cost anything. By removing the covers, you can give your wheels a more sleek and industrial look. Many people find their car looks more modern and stylish without the plastic covers. Without the covers, you can also showcase the true beauty of your steel wheels.


The front grille on a vehicle like the Toyota RAV4 protects the radiator and engine while allowing airflow. If you decide to change the grille, it’s mainly for aesthetics. Upgrading to an aftermarket grille is a popular way to give your RAV4 a new look. Many people enjoy customizing their vehicles with different accessories like grilles. Consider this upgrade if you want to change the appearance of your RAV4. A new front grille can make your car stand out on the road. It’s a common sight in customized RAV4s.



Adding a rooftop retractable awning to your RAV4 for camping and travelling makes outdoor adventures more convenient. Unlike canopies, this awning is easy to set up in less than 30 seconds without needing help. It remains attached to your roof, ready to deploy whenever needed. Providing instant shade and shelter enhances comfort during outdoor activities. The compact design only takes up little space when not in use. The awning adds versatility to your vehicle setup, making it perfect for spontaneous trips or quick stops.


One aspect of camping that I find challenging is the need for running water. During my off-the-grid camping trips, lasting for days at a stretch, access to electricity and running water was limited. I recently discovered a self-pressurized water tank that can hold up to 3.8 gallons of water, providing a continuous flow for 15 minutes through its 8-foot hose – a game-changer for outdoor enthusiasts like me. The best part is that this innovative tank doesn’t require electricity, making it ideal for remote camping trips with scarce resources.


Transform your RAV4 into a camping oasis with this convenient trunk tent attachment. Quickly attach the tent to your open trunk for additional space. Utilize both the tent and RAV4’s interior for a spacious camping experience. Experience the convenience of turning your vehicle into a comfortable sleeping area. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to maximize their camping setup. Enjoy the ease of setting up camp directly from your car. 


Mud flaps are essential accessories for your RAV4 to protect its paint from mud, dirt, and gravel thrown up by the wheels. These flaps prevent chips and rust on the vehicle’s exterior, ensuring long-term preservation. They offer a combination of functionality and style, enhancing both protection and visual appeal. With mud flaps in place, your car gains a subtle yet cool off-road aesthetic that sets it apart. Prioritize maintaining your RAV4’s appearance and durability with these must-have accessories today!


The RAV4’s towing capacity may be low-tier, but adding a Class 2 trailer hitch can enhance its versatility. With a hitch installed on your RAV4, you can easily transport bikes for weekend rides or haul light trailers for camping trips. The hitch allows for conveniently transporting motorcycles, dirt bikes, or small boats. It can also make moving equipment or small furniture easier when needed. 


Window visors are a great addition to your vehicle. They make it easy to keep your windows partially open in the rain without letting water inside. This can help maintain airflow and reduce stuffiness inside the car. Window visors minimize wind noise when your windows are down, enhancing the overall driving experience. Installation is simple and comes in various styles to suit different vehicles.


Privacy curtains are essential when travelling or camping in your RAV4. During my 2022 cross-country trip, the privacy curtains were indispensable. I encountered situations where people approached my car while I was sleeping, even experiencing someone knocking on the window and running away. Installing easy-to-use privacy curtains provided peace of mind in these instances. The ability to block out prying eyes and maintain a sense of security made all the difference during my travels. Privacy curtains offer a simple yet effective solution for keeping personal space and privacy on the road.


If you’re looking to enhance the performance of your RAV4, consider upgrading to Falken Wildpeak tires. These all-terrain tires are ideal for wet, snowy, muddy, or slippery conditions. Their aggressive tread design offers improved traction without sacrificing gas mileage or adding road noise. I switched to Falken Wildpeak A T Trail tires shortly after buying my RAV4 and noticed a significant improvement in handling and grip. Not only do these tires provide better control on various road surfaces, but they also give a sportier appearance to the vehicle. Upgrade to Falken Wildpeak tires for a smoother and more reliable driving experience with your RAV4.


A lift kit is an excellent modification for your RAV4 that provides increased ground clearance by creating more space between the vehicle’s frame and the driving surface. This enhancement is perfect for off-roading enthusiasts who want to tackle challenging terrains easily. Lifting your truck can improve its overall capability to maneuver through rough obstacles while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 


Light bars are essential for nighttime driving, providing superior visibility. LED light bars are particularly effective due to their brightness and distribution of light. If you often need more light while driving, installing a light bar can greatly enhance your visibility and safety on the road.

Rally Innovations, a trusted brand in the industry, is launching a new Toyota RAV4 light bar currently available for pre-sale at a discounted price. To kickstart production, they require three pre-orders. I have used a Rally Innovations light bar on my Subaru Impreza and can attest to its quality and performance.

Consider upgrading your vehicle with the new Toyota RAV4 light bar from Rally Innovations to improve your nighttime visibility effortlessly. Take advantage of this opportunity to enhance your vehicle’s look and functionality with a top-of-the-line lighting solution!


Looking for a better sleep option while camping or travelling? Check out the HEYTRIP Air Mattress. It is designed to fit SUVs like the RAV4 and offers customizable firmness levels with separate air chambers. Get a restful break wherever your adventures take you, thanks to the HEYTRIP Air Mattress. Perfect for those seeking rejuvenating rest on the go. Tailor your sleeping comfort with individual inflation and deflation ports on each side of the mattress.



The custom-fit interior storage liners for the RAV4 are designed to perfectly fit all storage compartments and cupholders, ensuring a tidy and organized interior. These durable liners protect against spills and debris, making cleaning up messes quick and easy. You can personalize your interior with various color options available to match your style preferences. These liners also help prevent scratches and stains on the surfaces of your vehicle, preserving its pristine condition.


Upgrading to custom-fit car seat covers can instantly transform the look and feel of your RAV4’s interior. Particularly beneficial for fabric seats, these covers provide a tailored fit that enhances aesthetics and comfort. Opting for leather seat covers elevates the luxury and comfort of your RAV4, giving it a more upscale appeal. The durability of custom-fit seat covers ensures long-lasting protection against wear and tear, preserving the value of your vehicle’s interior. Installation is easy and hassle-free, with many options for different styles and material choices. 


If your RAV4 doesn’t have a rear cargo liner, no worries – you can buy one aftermarket. These liners offer top-notch protection against spills and dirt in your trunk. They are designed to fit perfectly into the space, protecting the carpet underneath. You can easily clean them by removing and hosing them down. Rear cargo liners come in various materials like rubber or carpet, letting you choose the best option. They prevent damage and stains, keeping your car looking clean and well-maintained. 


Keeping your car seats clean can be a real challenge if you own dogs. Dogs tend to scratch and rip seats, leading to possible permanent damage. This dog seat protector solves this problem by creating a barrier between pets and car seats. Made of durable materials, it effectively shields your seats from claws and dirt. The easy-to-install design makes it convenient for pet owners on the go.


Custom-fit floor mats are essential for keeping your RAV4 protected from spills, dirt, and other messes that can damage the interior. These mats are designed for your vehicle, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum coverage. Installation is quick and easy, without the need for additional tools. Cleaning the mats is also hassle-free, as they can be easily removed for shaking out or wiping down. The durable materials in these floor mats make them long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear.


It serves the same purpose as the original cover, keeping your items hidden and secure in the back of your RAV4. The retractable feature allows for easy access to your cargo when needed. It adds a layer of protection to your belongings from prying eyes and potential theft.


Are you living in warm, sunny areas like Florida or Arizona? A custom-fit sun shade is a must-have to keep your car cool. Universal shades may not cover your windshield correctly, leading to frustration. The CARid sun shade is designed for the RAV4, ensuring complete coverage. It’s a stylish and practical solution available in silver or metallic blue. No more returning to a hot car after the shade falls – this one stays put.

Check the year and model provided for the right match.

2013-2018 – With Rearview Mirror Mounted Camera

2013-2018 – Without Rearview Mirror Mounted Camera

2006-2012 RAV4 Non-EV Models and 2012-2014 EV Models

2021-2014 RAV4 EV Models

2019-2024 RAV4 Non-EV Models


This stylish leather shift knob cover is designed to enhance the look of your car’s interior. Made from high-quality leather, it adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your vehicle. Not only does it improve the appearance of your shift knob, but it also protects against wear and tear.


Protect your center console armrest with a high-quality cover to prevent dirt and wear. After years of use, the armrest can quickly become dirty and worn down. Investing in an armrest protector will help maintain the original quality of your center console. This cover is designed to fit perfectly and provide protection against daily wear and tear. Easy to install and clean, it’s a simple solution to keep your armrest looking new. 


Protecting your RAV4’s multimedia screen is as crucial as safeguarding your phone screen. Just like scratches on a phone, damage to the multimedia screen can be permanent. Using a protector can eliminate the risk of lasting harm to the screen. A multimedia screen protector protects against scratches, smudges, and other potential damage. Investing in this protection can prolong the lifespan of your RAV4’s screen and preserve its clarity. The protector is easy to apply and remove, making it a convenient safeguard for your vehicle’s technology.



Many RAV4 owners find the stock speaker system lacking. Upgrading the dashboard and door speakers can improve sound quality significantly, especially if your RAV4 lacks premium audio. I upgraded my own RAV4’s speakers and was thrilled with the results. Installation is simple and provides excellent value for improving sound quality. Consider this upgrade if you appreciate high-quality sound in your vehicle.


One common gripe about the RAV4 is the absence of wireless Android Auto for models dating back to 2022. However, a simple solution is available: a wireless Android Auto adapter. This adapter can be easily purchased on Amazon, making it convenient and accessible for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle’s connectivity features. Investing in this small device can enhance your driving experience with the convenience of wireless Android Auto integration.


Many RAV4 owners find plugging in their phones for Apple CarPlay inconvenient. This wireless Apple CarPlay adapter eliminates the need for cables. It allows you to easily access music and navigation without dealing with wires. The adapter is convenient for those who prefer a more seamless driving experience. Connect the adapter to your RAV4’s system and enjoy wireless connectivity. 


Aftermarket cameras can be challenging to install, but there is a solution – a wireless solar backup camera from Auto Vox. This camera eliminates the need to run wires to the rear of your vehicle and works seamlessly when attached to your license plate. Our first-hand testing confirms its excellent functionality. Plug it in and enjoy the benefits of this easy-to-install camera system.


Consider adding an aftermarket system if your Toyota RAV4 doesn’t have a remote start. Opt for a model with great customer reviews to ensure reliability. Cheaper options are more prone to malfunctioning, so steer clear of those. After thorough research, the Compustar remote start bundle emerges as a top choice for the RAV4. Some standout features include easy installation and user-friendly operation. This system offers extended range, allowing you to start your vehicle from a distance.


This convenient device allows you to charge your phone without the hassle of tangled cords while driving. Place your phone on the charging pad and let it power up effortlessly. The wireless charger is compatible with most smartphone models, making it a versatile choice for many users. Enjoy the convenience of charging your phone on the go without any fuss.


A dash camera is a must-have for any car owner. Mounted on the windshield, it captures footage of other drivers to protect you in case of an accident or theft. Dash cams fend off fraudulent insurance claims and can lower your insurance premium. The VIOFO dash camera comes highly recommended, with GPS tracking, super night vision, and a wide 140-degree view angle. It’s equipped with features to keep you safe on the road.


If you already like the adaptive cruise control in your RAV4, you should check out COMMA’s Openpilot technology for an even more advanced driving experience. With Openpilot, your car can autonomously accelerate, brake when needed, and stay within the lane without you having to do anything. It adds a new level of convenience to your driving routine. The system uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze road data and make real-time decisions. It provides a glimpse into the future of autonomous driving technology. 


An OBD-II scanner for your RAV4 is essential for diagnosing Check Engine Lights. The Bluetooth and plug-and-play versions work effectively, with the Blue Driver Bluetooth option being my preference. It allows you to save reports on your phone and offers helpful diagnostic tips from a community source. This tool has saved me time and effort when tackling issues on my SUV. Keeping the scanner in your glovebox ensures you are prepared when a Check Engine Light appears. Whether you plan to work on your vehicle or seek professional help, having this tool handy will make the process smoother and more informed.



Upgrade your car’s interior lighting with an Interior Cabin LED Kit for brighter and cleaner light. Most people overlook this simple swap and stick to dim, yellow halogen bulbs in their cars. The RAV4 lacks great interior lighting, making the LED kit a convenient and affordable modification. The plug-and-play installation of the kit allows for easy and quick RAV4 upgrades without any hassle.

LED lights improve the car’s visibility, enhancing the overall appearance and ambience. Make the switch today to enjoy a well-lit cabin whenever you enter your vehicle.


The cargo area in the RAV4 is poorly lit at night, making it difficult to see. The existing light is dim and barely illuminates the space. Installing bright LED trunk hatch lights can solve this issue easily. These lights provide ample lighting when the trunk is lifted. They attach to the hatch and illuminate the entire cargo area effectively. 


Not commonly found, this unique modification will set your vehicle apart. These lights serve a dual purpose: daytime running and turning signal lights. Illuminate the road in style while adding a touch of sophistication to your RAV4’s appearance. The high-quality build ensures durability and longevity for years to come. Installation is straightforward and hassle-free, making it a convenient upgrade option. The added turn signal feature enhances visibility and safety during daytime driving. 


Installing LED off-road lights on your RAV4 can significantly enhance nighttime visibility. These auxiliary lights are beneficial for spotting wildlife near the road and illuminating challenging terrain on off-road trails. The bright and focused beam of LED lights provides a clearer view, making driving in low-light conditions safer and more comfortable. They can help improve your reaction time to unexpected obstacles or hazards that may appear in dimly lit areas. 


The factory fog lights on the RAV4 are functional but could be more brightly. Upgrading to aftermarket yellow LED fog lights can greatly improve visibility in foggy conditions. These LED lights emit a brighter light, making it easier to see ahead on misty mornings or evenings. Yellow light is known to effectively cut through fog and glare, providing better road clarity. The color contrast of yellow light against the fog enhances visual acuity for drivers.


Known for being a top choice among RAV4 enthusiasts, these lights are a simple yet impactful rav4 modified. The plug-and-play design ensures a quick and hassle-free installation process. Illuminate the road ahead with style and safety in mind. Elevate your driving experience with this popular enhancement. Stand out on the road with these eye-catching amber lights.


These sleek and modern lights improve safety by making your intentions clear to other drivers and adding a stylish touch to your vehicle’s appearance. The sequential design of the LEDs ensures optimal visibility from multiple angles, increasing overall road safety. Installation is simple and requires no major modifications to your RAV4’s existing structure. With these LED side mirror turn signals, you can navigate traffic with confidence and style.


These lights are designed to be mounted discreetly inside the grille, providing a modern and elegant look. The bright LED lights not only enhance the appearance of your RAV4 but also increase visibility on the road for added safety. With their sequential function, these lights create a dynamic lighting effect that sets your vehicle apart. 


Unexpectedly, the RAV4 does not have backlit window switches as a standard feature. You can easily enhance your vehicle by installing LED-backlit power window switches. These replacements ensure easy visibility of buttons even in dark settings, eliminating any struggles to locate them. The installation process is simple and requires minimal effort. With these LED backlit switches, you can operate your windows effortlessly, enhancing convenience and safety during night drives. 


Adding an LED lightbar to your vehicle can help when travelling late at night in remote areas. Extra lighting is beneficial for increasing visibility in dimly lit areas. Installing additional headlights or a lightbar like Lasfit’s can provide added safety and convenience. Remember that using a lightbar is not suitable for busy roads but for remote driving and off-roading scenarios. The durability of the Lasfit lightbar makes it a long-lasting option for your vehicle. Consider investing in extra lighting if you frequently need better visibility during nighttime travel, especially in secluded locations.


In this list, I’ve compiled a variety of car modifications for your consideration. It’s essential to pick and choose the ones that align with your style and requirements. For beginners, starting with simple interior upgrades like storage organizers is a practical first step due to their affordability and ease of installation. Once you’re comfortable with basic mods, you can progress to more advanced enhancements, such as LED interior lights or dashboard speaker upgrades, which remain relatively straightforward to implement.

For those looking to delve deeper into modifying their RAV4, options like lift kit installations, roof racks, or trailer hitches could be enticing. It might be wise to seek assistance from a local mechanic for these more complex modifications unless you possess prior experience working on cars.


Toyota RAV4 is already a fantastic vehicle, so minor upgrades to specific features can enhance its performance and overall appeal. Upgrading the tires, sound system, and interior lights can elevate your driving experience and make you appreciate your RAV4 even more. I have already made some of these modifications to my vehicle and plan to make further improvements. If you’re interested in exploring other aftermarket accessories for your RAV4 that weren’t mentioned here, please reach out for more information. Enhancing your RAV4 with these mods can take your driving experience to the next level.


Do modifications void a warranty?

Yes, modifications that alter the car’s performance, such as intake, exhaust, ECU tune, or engine-stressing mods, can void the warranty. On the other hand, using aftermarket parts for repairs typically does not void the warranty. It’s important to review your warranty terms and consult with your dealership before making any modifications to avoid potential issues with coverage

Do modifications raise or lower the car’s value?

In general, well-executed and desirable modifications can increase a car’s value. Upgrades like suspension improvements, brake enhancements, or high-quality wheels can attract buyers willing to pay more for these added features. Over-the-top or poorly done modifications may lower the car’s value as it can be seen as a liability rather than an asset.