The Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid SUV is one of the most desirable vehicles today. With its sporty style, impressive performance, and reasonable price, it’s no wonder this compact crossover is in such high demand. To buy an RAV4 Prime, you must decide between the well-appointed SE and top-of-the-line XSE trim levels. This guide will highlight the critical differences between the TOYOTA RAV4 PRIME SE VS XSE to help you determine which RAV4 Prime is right for you.


When shopping for a new Toyota RAV4 Prime, choosing between the SE and XSE trim levels is one of your most important decisions. The RAV4 Prime SE starts at $42,340, while the upgraded XSE has an MSRP of $46,210. That $3,870 price difference adds exterior, interior, tech, and convenience upgrades.

Both versions of Toyota’s plug-in hybrid SUV offer generous standard equipment so you can go right. This comprehensive comparison outlines everything that separates the Rav4 Prime xse vs se to help you select the ideal trim.



On the outside, the RAV4 Prime SE and XSE share the same muscular proportions with a length of 180.9 inches, a width of 73 inches, and a wheelbase spanning 105.9 inches. There are some critical differences in terms of styling and amenities.

Wheels and Tires

The SE rides on 18-inch 5-spoke black alloy wheels, while the XSE upgrades to 19-inch 5-spoke black alloy wheels for a more premium look. Both trims come equipped with all-season tires.

Exterior Colors

The RAV4 Prime SE is available in a palette of seven exterior colors: Magnetic Gray Metallic, Ice Cap, Midnight Black Metallic, Blueprint, Silver Sky Metallic, Supersonic Red, and Electric Storm Blue. The XSE offers a limited selection of five two-tone color schemes with a black sunroof: Silver Sky Metallic, Magnetic Gray Metallic, Blueprint, Supersonic Red, and Wind Chill Pearl.


While a power tilt/slide moonroof is standard on the XSE, it is unavailable on the SE. This feature makes the XSE’s cabin feel more airy and spacious.

Heated Outside Mirrors

The SE has color-keyed heated mirrors, while the XSE upgrades to gloss black heated mirrors for a sportier look.

Premium Styling

Exclusive to the XSE is premium exterior styling, including a rear lower bumper accent and front lower spoiler in a red shock absorber design.


Step inside the Rav4 Prime Se vs Xse 2023, and both trims provide a comfortable, driver-focused cockpit. The XSE takes luxury and technology to the next level.

Interior Color Schemes

The SE comes standard with black fabric upholstery. Leatherette SofTex seats are optional. As usual, the XSE features black SofTex seats with a choice of black or light gray two-tone SofTex as an upgrade.

Front Seats

Heated front seats come standard on both trims, but only the XSE offers cooled/ventilated front seats for added comfort in warm weather.


With the XSE, rear passengers can enjoy abundant natural light and views through the large panoramic moonroof. This feature is not offered on the SE.

Ambient Lighting

Only found in the XSE is ambient lighting in the front cup holders and footwells for a classy touch.

Cargo Space

Behind the rear seats, both models provide 33.5 cubic feet of cargo capacity. With the rear seats folded down, space expands to 69.8 cubic feet in either trim. A tonneau cover comes standard.

Front Center Storage

The XSE treats the driver to extra storage space with a large center console box between the front seats. The SE needs this compartment.



Regarding infotainment and technology, the XSE adds more screens, speakers, and smartphone integration than the SE.

Touchscreen Display

An 8-inch touchscreen is standard on the SE, while the XSE boasts an extra sizeable 10.5-inch touchscreen for added convenience.

Digital Instrument Cluster

The XSE takes the instrument panel digital with a 12.3-inch configurable display. The SE has an analog speedometer and a smaller 7-inch screen.

Premium Audio

A 6-speaker sound system comes equipped in the SE, but the XSE brings the concert experience on the road with an 11-speaker JBL audio system with an amplifier and subwoofer.

Wireless Charging

The XSE allows you to charge your smartphone wirelessly, a feature not offered on the SE.

Head-Up Display

Optional for the XSE is a head-up display that projects key driving information onto the windshield in your sight line.


Toyota prioritizes safety in the RAV4 Prime with generous driver assistance features across both trim levels. There are some high-tech upgrades reserved for the XSE.

Blind Spot Monitoring

While every RAV4 Prime has a rear cross-traffic alert, only the XSE adds blind spot monitoring to warn you of vehicles in your blind spots.

360-Degree Camera

The available 360-degree camera system provides a bird’s-eye view around the vehicle, which is helpful for maneuvering in tight spots. This feature is optional on the XSE but not offered on the SE.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors with Automatic Braking

Optional for the XSE are front and rear parking sensors that detect obstacles near your vehicle when parking. The system can automatically apply the brakes to avoid collisions. Not available for the SE.



Under the hood, the Rav4 Prime Se or Xse share the same hybrid powertrain. This means you get spirited acceleration and impressive efficiency in either model.

Gas and Electric Powertrain

Power comes from a high-output 2.5-liter four-cylinder gas engine paired with electric motors. Total system output stands at an energetic 302 horsepower.

Driving Modes

Both versions of the RAV4 Prime offer different drive modes to optimize performance – Normal, Eco, and Sport. Sport mode provides a fun, responsive driving experience.

All-Wheel Drive

Standard all-wheel drive gives the RAV4 Prime firm grip and traction on various road surfaces and in inclement weather.

Charging Capability

The SE and XSE can be charged at public charging stations or at home through a regular 110V household outlet or a more powerful 240V outlet.

Electric Range and MPG

The RAV4 Prime offers 42 miles of all-electric driving range when fully charged. MPG is an admirable 38 mpg combined city/highway when running on gas. Capacity and efficiency are equal for both trims.


The 2022 Toyota RAV4 Prime SE starts at an MSRP of $42,340, while the XSE is priced at $46,210. That $3,870 difference may seem significant, but you’re getting some nice upgrades for the money:

  • 19-inch alloy wheels (vs. 18-inch wheels on SE)
  • Two-tone exterior paint
  • Heated and ventilated front seats
  • Ambient interior lighting
  • 10.5-inch touchscreen (vs. 8-inch)
  • 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster
  • JBL 11-speaker audio system (vs. 6-speaker)
  • Wireless charging
  • Available head-up display and hands-free power liftgate

Given all the extra amenities included, the XSE represents a good price and value for shoppers who want a fully loaded RAV4 Prime with all the luxury trimmings. The SE costs several thousand less while providing generous standard equipment and the same powertrain. The SE is ideal for buyers focused on core performance and functionality rather than flashier features.


Choosing between the RAV4 Prime SE and XSE depends on your budget, and the features matter most. Here are a few key points to consider:

  • The SE provides pleasing performance and much standard tech at a lower cost. Opt for this value-packed trim if you don’t need upscale upgrades.
  • Go for the XSE if you appreciate luxury touches like leatherette seats, ambient lighting, and larger displays. This top-tier trim looks and feels more premium.
  • Prioritize safety aids like blind spot monitoring and parking sensors. Check out the XSE. This driver assistance costs extra for the SE.
  • Want a moonroof and two-tone paint for added style? You’ll have to spring for the XSE, as these highly desirable features are not offered on the SE.
  • If price is no object, the feature-packed XSE lets you max out on technology, luxury, and driver aids. But the frugal SE still impresses.

No matter which RAV4 Prime fits you best, you can count on standout fuel efficiency, smooth power delivery, and plenty of passenger space. Let this comparison guide you as you shop for Toyota’s plug-in hybrid SUV sensation.


The TOYOTA RAV4 PRIME SE VS XSE each have their unique advantages. The SE delivers fantastic performance and generous equipment at a reasonable cost. For more luxury and technology, the XSE brings extra style, comfort, and cutting-edge features.

Carefully weigh what matters most and use this detailed trim comparison to help find your perfect RAV4 Prime. With competitive pricing, robust electric driving range, and Toyota’s reputation for quality, you can drive off happy in either of these impressive plug-in hybrid SUVs.

Frequently Asked Questions about RAV4 Prime SE vs XSE:

What is the main difference in exterior style between the RAV4 Prime SE and XSE?

Compared to the SE’s simpler styling, the XSE has two-tone exterior paint, 19-inch wheels, and gloss black accents.

How much more horsepower and electric driving range does the XSE have over the SE?

There is no difference in performance or EV range – both have 302 total system horsepower and can drive 42 miles on electricity before the gas engine starts.

What interior upgrades come with the XSE trim?

The XSE includes leatherette seats, ambient lighting, a larger infotainment screen, and extra front-center storage versus the SE. It also has options like a head-up display and moonroof not offered on the SE.

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